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Gil S.

"As a small retail operation that automated, we required IT expertise, but couldn't afford 1 person, let alone training to keep them current with the ever changing technology. After working with another company, I can say that StoneHill not only meets our requirements, but in many, many ways, exceeds our expectations. Without hesitation, I would recommend StoneHill to take care of your IT needs. Why have just 1 person, when you can have a whole company helping you?"

Clay W.

"Honesty. That is the most refreshing aspect of working with the StoneHill team. We have had outsourced IT support for the past 15 years and there was always a question of their motivation. The StoneHill team comes to the table as a business partner looking for ways to make our business more productive. It's that simple; but compared to our past experiences, it's quite uncommon."

Christopher Pitet, Partner

"Thanks again StoneHill. You are running a first class operation. I am a 'hard grader,' and I can say without reservation that you and your team have delivered on every promise made. Rare these days. The stars are the limit for you."

Pam Cole, CEO

"We clearly understand what StoneHill Tech provides and are especially happy to know a few years out what our IT expenses will be for hardware. We have a far greater sense of value. Thanks."

Eric Little, Partner

"We engaged StoneHill Tech at a particularly difficult time for my firm's IT needs. StoneHill resolved our IT issues quickly and economically. Our system continues to operate flawlessly as a result of StoneHill's expertise, and its representatives are always prompt, courteous, and able to communicate complex IT issues using laypersons' terms."

Johnny Chan, Technical Product Manager

"The employees of the Stonehill Tech go well beyond the normal call of duty. Take, for instance, their incredible dedication to setting up our Exchange Server. Employees sacrifice their evenings and weekends to support our team from all over the world. It takes a team effort to have a smooth deployment. Stonehill for sure has the best players in the IT business."

Ken August- Owner & Partner

"As a boutique law firm that requires external support for our IT system, we chose to engage Stonehill Tech and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of services, technical expertise and great customer service they have provided. They listened to our needs and came up with a cost effective solution for a new replacement server and hosting system. Their helpdesk personnel are responsive in promptly assisting us with various computer issues that come up from time to time, and they additionally send a technician to our office for a monthly maintenance visit. Stonehill has also assisted us in dealing with our other vendors on technical issues that we are not familiar with. All of this has provided us with peace of mind that our IT system is in capable hands and that a resolution to any computer/IT issue is just a quick phone call away."

Sean Smith, Executive Director

"We really don't have the resources or need for an internal IT department, which is why StoneHill Tech is the perfect fit for us."

Chris Bevel, VP of HR

"StoneHill Tech is our source of IT help whenever our computer systems and communication systems have problems. They continue to come to our rescue whenever needed and have created a good working environment for our employees."

Don Daley, Director of Retail Operations

"The response time we get from StoneHill has taken our worries away, allowing our staff to stay calm and complete customer transactions with little or no pain."

Mary Sortore, Owner

"We had a wicked virus and StoneHill came out and fixed the problem, restored all our information and had us up and running the same day. I highly recommend them for all your computer needs."

Greg Licht, President

"StoneHill Technologies has been a valuable resource for our business. They are devoted to providing excellent service and genuinely care about my business. I would highly recommend their services. "

Lien Nguyen, Director of Business Management

"When managing an executive suite, we have high demand for a quick turnaround time when our IT system fails. I know I can always count on StoneHill Tech."

John Sandoval, Owner

"StoneHill Technical Solutions came through with flying colors when I moved my entire network to a new location. After using different IT companies over the years, StoneHill Tech was without a doubt my best experience."